Who we are

Christian Hill Farm is a privately owned, family operated local farm.  We are your neighbor, family, and friends. We are not a corporation, or conglomerate, or other affiliate of mass produced products only interested in profit shares, stock dividends, and the bottom line.

Our Pigs

We raise heritage breeds and are strategically crossing them to produce the absolute best gourmet pork available. Our foundation pigs are purebred Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS), Berkshire, and Large Blacks.

The GOS is a European breed of pig that was bred to be a self-sufficient grazing pig on supplements from the orchards, gardens, and dairies. They are a large hog, however they are very slow growing. If raised exclusively on grain, they tend to produce an abundance of lard, but when raised on open pasture with supplemental grain, they produce excellent moist pork with just the right amount of fat. If raised properly on pasture, the meat is marbled with a tender texture and darker color that melts in your mouth.

The Berkshire is an old fashioned Heritage breed of pig, known for it’s exceptional table qualities and succulent flavor! It is largely a black breed with a white splash on it’s face, four white points and  a white tail tip.The GOS is a beautiful pig with a white body covered in Dalmatian-like black spots. They have a long deep body, with short stout legs and large ears that hang forward. Their snout is short, so they are one of the less destructive breeds when it comes to rooting. The meat is world renowned for its superior flavor and marbling.

The Large Blacks have long deep bodies and can reach weights upwards of 700 pounds, yet they are known for being very calm and docile. They have long deep bodies with strong backs and are always solid black. Their black skin protects them from sunburn and allows them to graze and thrive in open pastures. Their ears are large and hang forward covering most of the face.  The meat of the large pork is a bit leaner than the previous two breeds but has a dark rich color and flavor and is very tender due to the shorter muscle fibers.

This meat isn’t just heritage pork, it’s great heritage pork!

What we believe

We believe that human beings have certain anatomical features and dietary requirements that include consuming meat based proteins as part of their regular diet. We also believe that animals taste really good! That said, we also believe that all life is sacred and animals should be treated with dignity and respect. We are against factory farming practices, where animals are raised in crowded, stressed conditions and their natural behavior is limited or controlled.

What we can do for you

Raise your own, or have us raise one for you. Pigs are available for live pick up at the farm, or local delivery can be arranged to your farm or processor of choice. Our pork is processed at a USDA inspected facility and is vacuum sealed and quick frozen for best flavor and storage longevity. Call to schedule pick up or delivery or to schedule a visit.