What it means….

….to the animals we raise

Our pigs are raised in the most environmentally friendly manner possible with the primary focus being on the animals’ well being. The pigs spend all of their time outside in the fresh air, and are free to roam, root, graze, wallow, and play as they please. Our herd is rotated through nearly 10 acres of mixed woodland and pasture. The animals help us manage our land. Using their snouts they help us reclaim pasture from brush. We rotate their areas so they stay healthy and fertilize the land without damaging it. Our pigs help us manage our land. Using their strong snouts, they spend the day doing what they love—rooting up small shrubs and plants. This helps us to convert overgrown areas into grassy pastures. Their waste naturally fertilizes and enriches the land. Because they have so much space, the land stays clean and the pigs stay healthy. Our piglets are born here on the farm in deep-bedded huts on pasture all year round. Herd units are not separated and all animals live in family groups. We do not artificially inseminate our sows, use farrowing crates, or maintain our boars in isolation. Our piglets have never had their wolf teeth broken out, their tails docked, or their noses ringed. Our pigs are slow grown with all natural vegetable protein grain fed twice daily, supplemented with fruits & vegetables, and free access to hay (yes, they do know how :)) as well as all the natural foods they can find in a natural setting. Factory farms feed pigs a mixture that almost always contains pig, chicken, and other animal by-products (a cheap but risky source of protein) and antibiotics (to artificially promote growth and prevent disease outbreaks). We send our market hogs to the premier USDA inspect facility in the area that specializes in humane practices, and load our animals using low stress methods.


What it means to our neighbors

Minimal odor- low stocking density and rotational pasture practices prevent the buildup of manure, ammonia, offensive odors and risks of ground water contamination. Factory farms create more waste than the land can absorb, resulting in air, water, and ground pollution


What it means to our customers

This means guilt free enjoyment of some of the best pork available.